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 My goal is to provide you and your horse with professional, courteous, service. My promise is to take the time to do it right. My focus is to maximize performance, comfort, and soundness of horses. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction my clients, and their horses, come away with every time - guaranteed.

Welcome To Florida Farriers Pros. LLC.


This is Renan Sauer. I am an experienced, gentle and caring farrier. As a dedicated student of equine anatomy and a firm believer in continuing education, I enjoy helping any horse in need of skilled farriery. That is why I own and operate Florida Farrier Pros.

 I thoroughly enjoy working with owners who are as passionate as I am about the care and who are committed to their horse's maintenance through regular service. Regular service schedule, allows me to provide the highest quality of service to your horse.


There are currently over 200 Horses under my regular care from a variety of different backgrounds, from Grand Prix dressage horses to young breeding stock all ages and every possible conformation. My pricing is competitive and based on the work required to keep top health, comfort, and performance.


Your horses deserve the best most rounded farriers too. That is why Florida Farrier Pros. is looking forward to caring for your horses too. We can assist with all of your horse's hoof trimming and shoeing needs. Contact us today.









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      Please, feel free to text, or call, or email me anytime with questions or for an estimate. If you call and I am unable to answer my phone, please leave a voicemail. - I will return your call within 24 hours. Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!

Phone Number: 352 299 3474

Email: roscoefarrier@yahoo.com

352 299 3474

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