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                                               About Your Next Favorite Farrier


        My name is Renan Sauer. I am a dedicated student of equine anatomy, and a firm believer in continuing education. I enjoy working with people who are passionate about care, well-being, and performance of their horses. I take a consultative and reflective approach to anything I discover in a horse's hoof that may seem unusual or may require additional care or insight. When necessary, I work very well with vets and farriers. I have no preferences on breeds, whether pets or performance horses, they all win my heart and have my dedication. My pricing is competitive and based on the work required to maintain top health, comfort, and performance of the equine. I maintain a regular service schedule, allowing me to provide the highest quality of service to you and your horse.


             Whether you require standard maintenance services or complex corrective or therapeutic work, my depth and breadth of experience and knowledge is something you can count on:


                                                Formal Education


2005 Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association- Certified Journeyman I Farrier

2006 Certified equine appraiser (American Society of Equine Appraiser)

2006 Dressage rider (United States Dressage Federation, USDF # 162727)

2008 Valencia Community College- Associate of Arts

2008 Certified journeyman II farrier (Brotherhood of Working Farrier Association)  

2018 University of South Florida - B.A. Philosophy and Literature  

2019 International Hoof Care Summit (35hs continue education)


                                            Volunteering experience     


2013-Stride Dressage and Riding Club -Show manager. I was responsible to safely conduct a horse show, at Florida Horse Park. Responsible for all aspects except show Secretary’s functions. Resolve crises and issues

2012- Stride Dressage and Riding Club- Ring Steward. I was responsible to regulate the safe and orderly entrance of competitors to warm-up and competition arenas. Carry walkie-talkie.

2011 United States Dressage Federation- USDF# 162727 Trained and competed in dressage: Levels 1, 2, and 3

2019 Ocala Winter I  SJ Scribe



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